Oler Equipment Care Info

Oler Equipment Care launched in June 2013.  As a long-time user of AMSOIL engine oil and filtration products, Jeff decided to spread the word about AMSOIL quality, associated cost savings, and equipment longevity to the public.  Helping others has always been one of his passions.  Educating people about top-tier automotive and equipment products which will save them money and time is, therefore, natural.

Jeff has been an automotive enthusiast since his early teens and performs the maintenance on all his vehicles and equipment whenever possible.  He has been known to service vehicles and equipment for other people (including some customers) and participate in high-performance engine builds and modifications.  From street machines to tractors to lawn mowers, he welcomes the chance to dive in with tools and the opportunity to provide lubricants and advice.  He has a couple of ongoing personal vehicle builds, and all of the roadworthy automobiles and small engine equipment he and his wife own are equipped with AMSOIL products.  Please visit the OEC Fleet page to view some of the OEC personal autos and OEC equipment.

It seems an alarming percentage of the present-day business world is neglecting something quite simple but monumental--customer service.  Oler Equipment Care is determined to put forth the extra effort to present customers with products that fulfill their needs in a professional and helpful manner.  Part of the OEC client base is outside of the state of Oklahoma.  Making connections with folks so far away and maintaining a business relationship with them is a testament to the type of customer service OEC is proud to provide.

When you want the best lubricants and filters on the market and a friendly, knowledgeable person to assist you, OEC will be looking forward to hearing from you.  Our goal is to be your Tulsa AMSOIL Dealer, Oklahoma AMSOIL Dealer, or USA AMSOIL Dealer no matter where you are located.
Oler Equipment Care - Tulsa, Oklahoma