With AMSOIL and OEC, you have two ways to save money on products.  One of these actually pays you money on your purchases!  If you own more than just a small car with a small engine, then you will spend less money on a yearly basis for the best synthetic lubricants, filters, and fuel additives on planet Earth by signing up with OEC to be a Preferred Customer (PC).  As a Preferred Customers, you will enjoy wholesale product prices and receive a monthly magazine from AMSOIL.  AMSOIL also provides you with an account number you can use to create a free account at AMSOIL.com.  You can upgrade your status from PC to Independent AMSOIL Dealer at any time if you decide you want to earn profits and commissions.

If you have a family and/or group of friends, then deciding to be an AMSOIL Dealer within the OEC network will earn you profits and commissions on your AMSOIL, WIX, MANN-Filter, and Donaldson product purchases.  You do not have to own/rent retail space or have access to a warehouse or storage facility to become an AMSOIL Dealer.  Many Dealers operate out of their homes, and some do not even keep products stocked!  There are a seemingly infinite number of ways you can run your independent Dealership to suit your preferences and needs.

Being part of the OEC family of Dealers means you will be able to seek business training and advice from OEC in order to build your business, if that is what you desire.  OEC can assist you with the extremely minimal Dealership paperwork (one page document) and tell you what you need to begin your journey.  Stop just buying the best lubricants in the world, and start making money on them!


Preferred Customers purchase AMSOIL products at wholesale cost, which is approximately 25 percent less than suggested retail.  Six-month trial membership can only be purchased once; after the trial membership, Preferred Customers need to renew on an annual basis to maintain Preferred Customer status.  Annual memberships can be renewed indefinitely.


Buy at wholesale pricing, sell products, register new customers, and earn commissions.