-> Helps maintain peak engine efficiency, fuel economy, power, and drivability in newer low-mileage engines. <-
-> Improves fuel mileage an average of 2.3% and up to 5.7%. <-
-> Reduces the need for costly higher octane fuel. <-
-> Most potent gasoline additive available today. <-
-> Restores power and performance. <-
-> Reduces emissions. <-

Treat gas every 4,000 miles of service (or 100 hours for marine, stationary, and off-road gasoline-powered engines).  Safe for use with catalytic converters, oxygen sensors, oxygenated gas, and 10 percent ethanol blended gas.  Not recommended for two-cycle engines (refer to Quickshot below).

Reduces the oxidation process that occurs when fuel is stored for extended periods to prevent the formation of varnish and sludge which can clog injectors, stick floats, and cause poor engine performance.

Applications include (but are not limited to): motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, outboard motors, stern drive and inboard marine engines, personal watercraft, lawn equipment, chainsaws, snowblowers, portable generators, hand-held power equipment, motor scooters, powered farm equipment, powered construction equipment, cars, and trucks.

A 16-ounce bottle treats 40 gallons.  It is also available in a 55-gallon drum.
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Maximizes power and improves performance in all two-cycle and four-cycle gasoline engines. Reduces engine knock, improves ignition and engine response, helps fuel burn cleaner, and inhibits corrosion.  Recommended for off-road and racing use.

Most users find one 12-ounce bottle of DOMINATOR Octane Boost for 15 gallons of gasoline provides the ideal performance increase.  DOMINATOR Octane Boost is also excellent as a lead substitute at the same treat rates in collector automobiles, older off-road equipment, and pleasure vehicles.

Designed to improve start-up performance and eliminate engine ping and knock for increased power at low-rpm operation.
Contains detergents that help combustion chambers and fuel delivery systems maintain cleanliness for optimum performance.

-> Increases octane for power and efficiency. <-
-> Reduces the need for knock-detection systems to compensate. <-
-> Ensures maximum low-rpm power and performance in modern bikes. <-

One 4-oz. bottle of AMSOIL Motorcycle Octane Boost treats four to six gallons of gasoline.  Slight overtreatment causes no issues.

Primarily recommended for use in four-stroke air- or liquid-cooled motorcycles manufactured by Harley-Davidson®, Yamaha®, Honda®, Ducati®, BMW®, Triumph®, and all other four-stroke motorcycles.  It may be used in off-road applications, including ATVs, UTVs, and snowmobiles as an alternative to AMSOIL DOMINATOR® Octane Boost.

Thoroughly cleans and restores peak performance in small engines and powersports equipment.

-> Cleans hard-to-remove deposits on piston tops, spark plugs, and other combustion chamber parts. <-
-> Designed to keep water dispersed throughout the tank; decreases chance of ethanol separation. <-
-> Unique chemistry quickly detaches and carries away deposits and build-up. <-
-> Stabilizes fuel between uses and during short-term storage periods. <-

Recommended for use in all two- and four-stroke gasoline-powered engines, including motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft, ATVs, edgers, tillers, mowers, snowblowers, chainsaws, generators, and farm and construction equipment.  However, AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver is the superior choice for passenger vehicle applications.

Available in 8-ounce bottle or quart container.
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