This page contains laboratory analysis results of both virgin oil samples and used oil samples.  Virgin samples are obtained immediately from a freshly opened oil container, packaged, and shipped to a lab for analysis.  Virgin samples provide a solid baseline of the oil's composition which is used for comparison when interpreting used oil analysis reports.

Used oil samples are pulled from vehicles and equipment (usually through the oil fill port or dipstick tube), packaged, and shipped to a lab for analysis.  The analysis reports tell the tale of exactly what is happening inside the engine and how well the oil is performing.  Remaining lubricant useful service life can be determined.  The amount of component wear metals is shown along with fuel dilution.  Used oil analysis reports are the only method by which a consumer or company can decide how long an oil drain interval can be extended (if at all).

You may use the links below to check the performance of AMSOIL synthetic oil and AMSOIL synthetic media oil filters.  Pay special attention to the OEC personal vehicles and the oil life for each vehicle.  You will be shocked what the best synthetic oil and filters on the market are capable of providing in terms of longer drain intervals and cost savings.  OEC provides fluid sampling and analysis services, so you can be confident in your oil, oil filter, and drain interval.  We can establish an oil sampling and analysis program for you.


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