Particles which cause internal engine wear are as small as 5 microns in size.  You will find it difficult to locate oil filter efficiency ratings from many of the major filter manufacturers.  Most of these manufacturers fabricate and sell filters with efficiency ratings that are not impressive at sizes of 20 microns and larger.  This means harmful particles are free to unleash their abrasiveness inside your engine.

AMSOIL Ea full flow oil filters have a 98.7% efficiency rating at the 20 micron level. AMSOIL EaBP bypass filters have a 98.7% efficiency rating at the 2 micron level.  Using AMSOIL dual filters ensures engine oil stays cleaner for longer and virtually eliminates engine wear.  Therefore, oil drain intervals can be extended significantly.  Longer drain intervals result in cost savings, less time spent performing maintenance, and reduced waste oil.  A smaller amount of waste oil is beneficial to the global environment.  GO GREEN!!

AMSOIL Ea and EaBP oil filters have a large contaminant capacity which means they can hold a lot of particles before being considered 'saturated' or 'clogged'.  Ea full-flow oil filters can be used up to 30,000 miles in a dual filter system before requiring replacement (when using AMSOIL synthetic oils).  EaBP bypass oil filters have a service life of twice the Ea full-flow filters, which means they are able to last up to 60,000 miles (when used in conjunction with Ea full-flow oil filters and AMSOIL synthetic oils).

The Silverado uses the AMSOIL BMK23 dual filter mount, EaO15 and EaBP90 oil filters, an oil sampling valve for oil analysis, a spin-on adapter located in the factory oil filter location, and hydraulic fittings and hoses.  Oil drain intervals should now exceed 30,000 miles even in severe service (classified as extensive idling, stop-and-go driving, frequent towing, turbocharged engines).  Periodic oil analysis sample results will be posted on this website.  A link to oil analysis results and explanations of the results is found here: OEC Silverado Oil Analysis
Gallery -- BMK23 Remote Dual Filter Install
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